Friday, July 25, 2008

Practice Fusion: Free EMR

There are more and more free EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical or Health Record) systems that are appearing all the time. This one is called Practice Fusion and was recently featured in MDNG, ZDNet, and CNET. Impressive!

It is a web-based EMR system that is free as long as you don't mind seeing some advertisements. If you want the ad-free version, then it costs $100 per month.

Is the free EMR/EHR movement going to dominate this industry? Open source? Freeware? Ad-ware?

Maybe I missed it, but is Practice Fusion a CCHIT certified ambulatory EHR?
Update: I was told by Ryan Howard, the CEO of Practice Fusion, that they will be CCHIT certified at the end of the year. Great news!


  1. Open source EMRs and the like certainly are beginning to fill gaps that are left by the larger systems. Open MRS ( is another one that is more of an enterprise application that meets the needs of smaller clinics and networks. Open source or free all the way? Not if GE or Cerner have anything to say about it, but there are promising possibilities.

  2. Congrat’s to Practice Fusion on reaching that number of network doctors. Mitochon Systems ( also is launching their low-cost ad supported medical EMR in Q1 of 2009. It is claiming to offer a string of small improvements that, together, will make it a superior choice for doctors. It should compete well with Practice Fusion but we’ll have to wait and see.