Thursday, July 10, 2008

Healthcare IT

So much is happening in the world of healthcare IT. Companies are developing algorithms that employ predictive modeling concepts. The health risk assessment (HRA) is incorporating information from labs, health claims, and other objective data. Personal health records (PHRs) are becoming more elaborate and available through popular portals like Google. And electronic medical record (EMR or EHR) systems are adopting standards so they can communicate with payors and consumers electronically. Wow! What an exciting time to jump into the industry of healthcare IT and public health IT. From a population health perspective, the future of healthcare is fully dependent on advances in healthcare IT.


  1. First off, great site; been looking around for this type of information for a while now.

    Secondly, I'm interested in this healthcare IT combination, since I have some background in computer science and am currently in my second year of residency. Although I don't have other work experiences in my belt, would it be possible to join a company that develops applications such as EMRs? Any link or additional information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Dr. Kim,
    I left a question regarding the xv6800 on your April 24, 2008 post- wondering if you could please comment. Thank you, Tom