Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working from Home

I seem to be meeting more and more professionals who decide to get a job where they can work from home. There have been times when I've had to work from home and it can be very challenging if you're not used to it. There are so many potential distractions and ways that you can lose focus. However, if you prioritize and place the important tasks in front of you, then you can do it successfully.

Among those I know who are working from home, the main things they emphasize are:

1. Have strong computer and technology skills. Know how to web conference and make effective use with speaker phones for long conference calls. You'll be e-mailing attachments back and forth so be familiar with various applications and file types.
2. Be available. Use a mobile device if you have to, but make sure that people can reach you by phone and e-mail during normal business hours.
3. Be willing to travel as needed. Depending on your type of work, you may be required to travel for certain meetings.
4. Deliver on time. That will show that you're focused and dedicated.
5. Set time apart for work. Some people I speak to tell me that they work even more hours at home compared to the office. Make sure that you're not trying to do different things while you're working.
6. Balance your life. The home/work balance must be checked periodically. Otherwise, you're entire life may get engulfed by work.

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