Thursday, April 17, 2008

See roboworld in 2009!

The next time I visit Pittsburgh, I'll have to make a trip to see roboworld. Carnegie Science Center today announced plans to open roboworld, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive permanent robotics exhibition, in spring 2009.

I've always been a fan of robotics and I truly believe that robots will change the face of healthcare. Robotics have revolutionized surgical techniques and capabilities. Remote surgery is possible. Microsurgery. Nanosurgery?

I remember building my robot for the MIT 2.007 (not the year, but the course #) Design and Manufacturing course. Every year, the contest changes. My year, a bunch of ping pong balls dropped out of the "Niagara falls" (it was called "Niagara Balls") and our robots had to collect those balls and place them in our bin. I had fun driving my robot around the table collecting balls and dropping them into my bin. I miss those MIT days.

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