Monday, April 21, 2008

Executive Health Programs

I was on the plane the other day thumbing through the airplane magazine. An article on Executive Health caught my eye. More and more concierge-type Executive Health programs are emerging in this country. Cleveland Clinic, Duke, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Mass General - these are just a handful of some of the programs that are out there.

So, if you're rich and you can afford this type of care, what's wrong with that? These programs often include luxury spa treatments, relaxation sessions, lengthy counseling with clinicians, and a very personalized touch to medicine. Resort-style accommodations. No waiting rooms. Comprehensive exams. Add a game of golf (integrated golf package offered by Duke and others), swim in the outdoor pool, and get daily massages. Maybe you'll be eager for your next colonoscopy if it takes place in a resort and you get a relaxing massage before the procedure.

Busy corporate executives often don't have time to sit around waiting rooms, but should they get a $3000 visit to a luxury resort for their physical? The other aspect that I find interesting is that certain programs include full body CT scans as "add-on" options (offered by the Cleveland Clinic among others). Such scans may be more harmful than helpful - but why not offer them to rich executives since their companies are paying for the bill, right?

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