Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just about every major pharmaceutical product website has a section for "Healthcare Professionals." To enter this section, you just have to click on the box that says "Yes, I am a US healthcare professional."

Well, there are now some sites that want to verify that you're really a true healthcare professional. Here comes DocCheck. Based out of Cologne, Germany, this international company provides a service to authenticate and verify that web browsers are truly healthcare professionals. Registration is FREE, but you have to provide some type of proof that you're really a healthcare professional. I've mainly seen this for international websites, i.e., drugs that are currently approved in other countries but not in the USA.

DocCheck also provides a way for you to access certain forums, drug databases, etc. Many of these sites are in other languages, so brush up on your French and German!

There appear to be several levels of DocCheck:
  • DocCheck Study
  • DocCheck Light
  • DocCheck GO!

Want to see this in action? Try visiting:

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