Sunday, March 23, 2008

Samsung Q1U with Extended Battery

As more healthcare professionals start using UMPCs, I find myself giving more computer advice about the different devices that are out there.

I really like the Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC (not to be confused with the original Samsung Q1 UMPC) because it's light, thin, and stays very cool during use. Other machines tend to get really hot. Plus, this device reminds me of my old Newtown MessagePad MP2100 that I used during medical school. That device was ahead of its time.

For those of you interested in seeing what the Samsung Q1 Ultra looks like with the extended battery, here's a picture looking from the top.

Although it makes the unit much heavier, it actually makes a nice 'grip' for the Q1 Ultra.

FYI: The body of the new Q1 Ultra Premium is the same thickness as the extended battery.

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