Monday, March 10, 2008

Microsoft FolderShare Beta

Do you use more than one computer? Chances are, you use one at home, another one at work, and maybe you even have a portable device like an ultra-mobile PC (UMPC). Well, if you want a good, FREE way to keep all your files synchronized among various machines, you may want to try FolderShare. It also offers a novel way to keep backup copies of your files. This way, if you work at home or at the office, you can have access to your important files all the time. Plus, you can even access other files on your shared computers. Did you leave an important file at home? As long as your computer at home is turned on, you can access that file and retrieve it.

Acquired by Microsoft a few years ago, FolderShare is currently a FREE service and they just made some major updates. Give it a try.

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